Almog Architects is a firm that unites two generations of architects, Moshe and Tali Almog, father and daughter. This encounter constitutes a fabulous combination of seniority, experience and professionalism with innovation, freshness and creativity.

Moshe, is a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion. He started the firm in 1980, and since then he has acquired extensive and diverse planning experience on projects of all sizes. These include private houses, luxury apartments, residential buildings, offices, public structures, shops and hotels.

Tali, graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the College of Judea and Samaria in Ariel and has worked in a number of highly reputable firms in Tel Aviv. Throughout her work she accumulated vast knowledge and rich experience in planning and leading a wide range of projects, including public structures, residential buildings, offices, and private houses. In 2015 she joined her father, with whom she fully cooperates on all the planning, licensing and construction processes that concern the firm’s projects.

The firm operates in the belief that good and successful architecture is shaped by attaining deep familiarity with the client and the surroundings in which the structure is planned to be. The firm produces meticulous, high-quality and clear architecture adapted to the client’s needs, characteristics and lifestyle, maximizing the conditions of the terrain and integrating the structure into it.

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